Christie Southern, Fitness Innovator and Trainer | (847) 224-6766

Christie has over 30 years of experience developing some of the most cutting-edge and creative group exercise formats available to women in Chicago and on the North Shore. Formally a nationally ranked figure skater, she is no stranger to knowing what it takes to train like an athlete while keeping yourself healthy and injury-free.

Christie was the founder and President of Christie’s, The City Spa on Oak Street in Chicago where she first introduced a number of new, innovative exercise formats to the city of Chicago, including low-impact aerobics, resistance bands, and free weight training for women. Her club quickly became the first and only facility of its kind…known for Christie’s innovative approach to fitness classes.

A native Winnetka resident, Christie moved back to the suburbs to raise her family and continued to teach and develop her classes, always adding the latest, cutting-edge formats.

In addition to designing and teaching group exercise classes, Christie is widely regarded as an outstanding Personal Trainer. From carpool moms to Placido Domingo (who she whipped into shape for his role in Franco Zeffirelli's film production of Otello), or the wives of the Chicago White Sox, Christie’s approach to personal training, like her classes, has changed peoples’ lives.

Finally, Christie has designed and implemented corporate fitness classes and wellness programs for a number of companies including Leo Burnett Advertising and Tatham Euro RSCG Advertising.

Christie is certified by The American College of Sports Medicine. She also is trained and certified in TRX, CPR, and AED. She writes and speaks on the topic of maintenance of peak fitness among Baby Boomers, as well as the interplay between fitness and mental health. 

Christie Southern is also a mental strength coach at HeadCoach Performance. Learn more at

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"I go to Christie's class because it's a place where I can train at a high level, but in a way that guards against injuries. Christie's classes are the only ones I know of where we baby boomers can continue to challenge our fitness levels and get great results --while still taking care of our bodies. Christie's gift is that she really knows how to design and teach classes that do challenging as any 20 or 30 year old could handle, but appropriately designed for boomers!" -- Mary Ann M.

“Christie brings a unique, holistic approach to fitness. She incorporates exercises with a combined focus on building overall strength, healing injuries, and developing a sense of inner peace like no other instructor I have had. She has strong technical knowledge about the body and leverages that knowledge in creating classes that integrate aerobics, strength-training and yoga into a very effective and enjoyable experience. Her warm, caring nature and positive enthusiasm shine through every day. Christie stands alone among fitness instructors!” – Ann V.

“Christie has turned the prospect of personal health from drudgery and a chore, to something invigorating and educational. I've learned so much from Christie about how not only to care for an aging female body, but how to actually improve it. Her classes are full of great information, great music and camaraderie -- even for newcomers! Cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Julie E.

"Christie's Fitness classes has the killer combination of aerobics, weight training, her signature lunges, pilates and yoga stretches. She is constantly moving about the room, with her trained eye to give cues, adjustments and corrections, it is like one on one training. But what sets her apart is that she teaches to the whole person.  She has a holistic view that touches on diet and nutrition, your spiritual and mental self, and keeping that alignment you learned in class as you go about your day. Christie is very current on the literature; constantly changing techniques with new equipment.  Whenever I read in the Tribune or Times about a new  fitness trend  that the experts are touting , we have already been doing it at Christie's! I have been taking Christie's classes for close to 20 years.  And thanks to Christie I'll be in shape  to take them for the next 20 and beyond." - Ann P.